Medicare Statistics

Requested Medicare items processed from July 2017 to June 2018

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  State Total
$Benefit $Benefit $Benefit $Benefit $Benefit $Benefit $Benefit $Benefit $Benefit
Item 475,335 234,252 132,884 7,800 30,282 9,542 32,153 195 922,443
193 4,125,068 2,737,278 4,105,616 1,030,907 565,382 425,292 30,965 8,691 13,029,199
197 3,253,120 2,613,557 1,508,896 477,688 530,063 138,895 19,370 6,834 8,548,423
199 631,745 304,410 274,977 29,554 14,145 51,138 2,463 2,639 1,311,071
Total 8,485,268 5,889,498 6,022,372 1,545,950 1,139,872 624,867 84,951 18,358 23,811,136

Important Information

  • Instructions on how to download the statistics into a spreadsheet are contained in Downloading Statistical Information.
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  • The figures in the report include only those services that are performed by a registered provider, for services that qualify for Medicare Benefit and for which a claim has been processed by Medicare Australia. They do not include services provided by hospital doctors to public patients in public hospitals or services that qualify for a benefit under the Department of Veterans' Affairs National Treatment Account.
  • Services/benefit per capita (ie. per 100,000 population) is calculated by dividing the number of services/benefit processed in a month by the number of people enrolled in Medicare at the end of that month.
  • State/Territory is determined according to the address (at the time of claiming) of the patient to whom the service was rendered.
  • Month is determined by the date the service was processed by Medicare Australia, not the date the service was provided.
  • Monthly figures may vary due to the varying number of processing days in a month, which depends on the number of days in the month, public holidays, overtime worked etc.
  • A financial year is 1 July to 30 June.
  • Detailed information on the Strengthening Medicare - Additional Incentive Item numbers can be found under Table 6 of the Monthly Quarterly Standard Reports. Please note, in this report, the number of services for these item numbers are recorded as '-' because they are not Medicare services, simply an additional payment.


The information and data contained in the reports and tables have been provided by Medicare Australia for general information purposes only. While Medicare Australia takes care in the compilation and provision of the information and data, it does not assume or accept any liability for the accuracy, quality, suitability and currency of the information or data, or for any reliance on the information or data. Medicare Australia recommends that users exercise their own care, skill and diligence with respect to the use and interpretation of the information and data.

Last updated: 25 July 2022

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